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The CBG is a perfect alternative to THC, offering the healthy benefits. With one of the highest tested CBG contents, the White CBG has a vanilla, earthy and wild flower taste. The flower looks frosty with light white coating, indicating its rich contents. This strain of flowers will amaze you for sure!

Key data from Certificate of Analysis (COA) of our sample White CBG Flowers:

CBGA: 12.9%

CBG: 0.136%

CBCA: 0.463%

Delta 9-THC: Non Detectable (< LOQ)

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*Actual value may vary due to the individual hemp flower’s agriculture nature


The HempNova Difference

HempNova cultivates hemp in the Medford, Oregon area, located on the 42-degree latitude line. Situated in the “Rogue Valley”, this area is one of the most ideal places to grow hemp in the world. With a Mediterranean climate, the Rogue Valley area offers a perfect combination of sunshine, rainfall, and temperature variation during the growing season. You won’t get better hemp flowers anywhere else!

Growing Process

Lead by an experienced team of growers and scientists, our growing operation is fully approved by the Oregon Department of Agriculture, and we comply with federal, state, and local regulations. We only source the top hemp strains with the best genetics.

Our farm facility has one of the top soil conditions in the area. With an absurd supply of water, electricity, and natural gas, we have the power to grow the best hemp flowers. We utilize a scientific, environmental and eco-friendly growing process. By monitoring the health and growth of our flowers every day, we ensure the plants are in their top conditions throughout the growing season.

Harvesting Process

Our flowers are carefully harvested by hand during ideal weather to ensure there is no frost or harmful substances. To further boost the quality and efficiency of our flowers, we use our custom-designed “sci-fi style” harvesters to transport the newly harvested flowers directly to the drying facility with no delay.

Drying Process

Unlike traditional “hang” drying in an old wooden barn with a running fan, our hemp flowers are slow-dried in a huge 54,000 square feet, brand-new, high-tech, and automatic-climate controlled environment, with the help of several industrial-grade dehumidifiers and temperature controllers. Our flowers stay in “five-star hotels” for five to seven days, and we produce the possible drying results unlike anyone else. We monitor and test the flowers every single day during the drying process, and ensure the flowers are mold-free. The CBD/CBG content and terpene profiles are well preserved.

Curing Process

We understand that curing is just as critical as growing. Thus, we focus on curing, and we have dedicated personnel who cure our dried flowers with care. We complete a slow and natural curing process in a cool, dark environment. This ensures the best flower quality, flavor, and potency.

Trimming Process

All our flowers are carefully hand-picked and hand-trimmed, along with a little help from our brand new, state-of-the-art Mobius machine trimmers. Our team members have spent the majority of their time carefully trimming the hemp flowers to the highest standards. We ensure the hemp flowers are visually appealing and tasty!


14 Grams – 1/2 Oz, 140 Grams – 5 Oz, 28 Grams – 1 Oz, 7 Grams – 1/4 Oz


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